Undergraduate Program

Department of Oral Hygiene of College of Dental Medicine was found in 2002. It was the first 4-year undergraduate dental hygiene program in. While preventive dentistry in becomes more important in terms of ensuring better comprehensive oral health care, a growing demand on workforce for professional dental and oral prevention. Our courses are specially designed for the dental hygienists with professional training in social, behavioral and biological sciences, which includes clinical medicine in dentistry, oral health care management, dental health education and promotion. Our department challenges students to explore the interrelation of local and global dental and oral health issues. We focus on studying the two major dental diseases i.e. oral caries and periodontal disease and its effect in. In order to control and prevention these two diseases, our program investigates the prevalence of caries and periodontal disease in different age groups, as well as dental demands in urban, suburban and remote areas.

Through our program, students can learn concepts of dental medicine research techniques and the expertise to promote oral health at the population level. We work closely with many local governments, disability and nonprofit organizations, so there are many opportunities to hone the skills that the students have learned in the classroom through real-world experiences. Our strength is in working together with communities to promote local dental health-. From grassroots initiatives to international collaborations, our faculty and students are committed to improving dental and oral public health worldwide.


Graduate Program

IIn order to promote health education as well as research in preventive dentistry, Graduate Institute of Oral Health Sciences was established in 1992. It was the first Graduate Institute of Dental Sciences in, and the third graduate institute of Kaohsiung Medical University. Our goal is to provide formal training for dental or other health professionals and to enhance dental hygiene education in instruction, consultation, management and research of oral health. The ultimate purpose is to promote optimal oral health through education, preventive care services and research of oral health. We pursue this mission by cultivating an environment that focuses on generating oral health knowledge and learning oral health expertise, and fostering diversity in health education, patient care, research, health management and policy.



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